converse rubber tracks session

by twenty-four hours

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released March 28, 2017



all rights reserved


twenty-four hours Providence, Rhode Island

twenty-four hours is the gothic and existential rock project of Matt Terry, begun in 2010.

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Track Name: parking complex
Exit signs glare
Only echoes to hear
Lonely, without any cheer
It is dim and austere

In this parking complex
Nothing is fast
In this parking complex
At least everything was built to last

A prayer to disappear
Nowhere to fear
Still lonely, for all I hold dear
My empty eyes stare

In this parking complex
It's helplessly vast
In this parking complex
Endless corridors of masts

On this grey concrete mould
I feel no age old
Like love yet to be sold
I’m fixed in this fold
Comfortably cold

In this parking complex
My shadow has been cast
In this parking complex
I’m forever lost in the past
Track Name: an empty house
A sorry need for something; unknown
Scraping along
Fabricated out of nothing; alone

A constant consuming to create something more
Than a costume; gone wrong
And forever weighted to the floor
Of an empty house

Limbs rasping at the door
Of an empty house
Weeds grasping at the boards
Of an empty house
Rain pouring through the panes
Of an empty house

An empty house
Track Name: poland
Flat fields
And craning pines
Full of killed kings
Depending on the residue of design

Still see them sleeping
In the spectral creeks
With the livid bodies
And the grosbeaks

Lifting themselves up from their melancholy streams
Lifting themselves up to survive in our dreams
Track Name: chimneys, like steeples
it was on
the first snow
in the city's park
that through december's
receding dark
you glistened

it was under
my worry
and dead treetops
beneath bare branches
and the tower clock
you listened

it was then
now years ago
that we would start
clenching tight body parts
wishing never to stop

it was while
walking by
the Christmas lights
on that unfamiliar night
that decided
the rest of my life

the chimneys seemed like steeples
in the streetlamp's stark scene
across the block

you left me waiting
with a rough heart
like bark
you left me wanting
your pale skin
like chalk

waiting for you like a train
to depart
watching for you in the streetlamp's stark

i'm wading through the iris of your wide eyes
and writhing for you to be all mine
Track Name: begin to end
stand by the side of a road
cold wind blows through me
grey clouds flow

vague hopes sketch
my vacant home
windows bleak
reflections show
ugly and shallow

it took weeks to feel
safe in the sun
when i was too weak
to speak to anyone

another moment dies behind me
i hear his voice and i see
its shape
all the slow movements which
have brought me this far
in a society of rape
each instant amounts to nothing
more, than the distant noise
of a passing car

this can't continue
our human play of pretend
when every twenty-four hours
timid as dawn
begin to end